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Privacy Policy

Data Protection

Protecting the security and privacy of your personal data is important to Heiko Bittmann Publishing (Verlag Heiko Bittmann); therefore, we conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws on data protection and data security. We hope the policy outlined below will help you understand what data Heiko Bittmann Publishing may collect, how Heiko Bittmann Publishing
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann) uses and safeguards that data and with whom we may share it.

Personal Data

Through our websites, Heiko Bittmann Publishing
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann) will not collect any personal data about you (e.g. your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with it (e.g. by registration, survey), and expressly provide your consent - unless it is otherwise permitted by applicable laws and regulations for the protection of your personal data.

Purpose of Use

When you do provide us with personal data, we usually use it to respond to your inquiry, process your order or provide you access to specific information or offers. Also, to support our customer relationship with you.
If you choose not to have your personal data used by us, (especially for direct marketing or market research purposes), we will respect your choice. We do not sell or otherwise market your personal data to third parties.

Limitations of Use

Heiko Bittmann Publishing
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann) will collect, use or disclose personal data supplied by you online only for the purposes disclosed to you, unless the disclosure:
  • is a use of the personal data for any additional purpose that is directly related to the original purpose for which the personal data was collected,
  • is necessary to prepare, negotiate and perform a contract with you,
  • is required by law or the competent governmental or judicial authorities,
  • is necessary to establish or preserve a legal claim or defense,
  • is necessary to prevent fraud or other illegal activities, such as wilful attacks on Heiko Bittmann Publishing (Verlag Heiko Bittmann) information technology systems.

Communications or Utilization Data

Through your use of telecommunications services to access our website, your communications data (e.g. Internet protocol address) or utilization data (e.g. information on the start and end times, and duration of each access, and information on the telecommunications services you accessed) are technically generated and could conceivably relate to personal data. To the extent that there is a compelling necessity, the collection, processing and use of your communications or utilization data will occur and will be performed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

Non-Personal Data Collected Automatically

When you access our websites, we may automatically (i.e. not by registration) collect non-personal data (e.g. type of Internet browser and operating system used, domain name of the website from which you came, number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed). We may use this data and share it with our worldwide affiliates to monitor the attractiveness of our websites and improve their performance or content.


Heiko Bittmann Publishing
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann) will not knowingly collect personal data from children without insisting that they seek prior parental consent if required by applicable law. We will only use or disclose personal data about a child to the extent permitted by law, to seek parental consent pursuant to local law and regulations or to protect a child. The definition of "child" or "children" should take into account applicable laws as well as national and regional cultural customs.

Links to Other Websites contain links to other websites. Heiko Bittmann Publishing
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann) is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites.

Questions and Comments

Heiko Bittmann Publishing
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann) will respond to reasonable requests to review your personal data and to amend or delete any inaccuracies. As the Internet develops, so will our Data Protection Policy. Please check this page regularly to keep up-to-date.

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