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Released 2020
What is Martial Arts?
by Martin J. Meyer

About the book:

For a surprisingly long time, the research field which is known today as Martial Arts Studies has flown under the radar of Western sport sciences in comparison to its bold representation in the media (mma, boxing, wrestling).
As soon as various authors and martial artists started to get a general idea of the whole spectrum of martial arts, the fundamental question arose how to formulate the specific characteristics which encompass martial arts all over the world. The problem arose how to merge historically, culturally and linguistically different terminological concepts.
In this book, firstly the author outlines former attempts of defining martial arts and highlights several core challenges which have hindered to conceptualise martial arts definitions. Secondly, he sets up a new scientific approach to the definition problem by combining empirical, hermeneutical and phenomenological resources. Lastly, the author develops an academically valuable definition model which constitutes a framework of attributes to support researchers who proceed to classify martial arts and similar phenomena.

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Released 2017
Geschichte und Lehre des Karatedô

2nd revised and extended edition of "Die Lehre des Karatedô"
with a new chapter about the history of

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Released 2012 
An article about Shimizu Toshiyuki

Karatedô pionier in Toyama prefecture and one of the highest ranked students of Funakoshi Gichin. The life and work of Shimizu!

Henning Wittwers book:
"Shôtôkan - überlieferte Texte & historische Untersuchungen. Band II"

This book is German language and deals with the history of Karatedô

Now available from
Henning Wittwer or here at this site.

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Working on a new article:
About the life and work of  Shimizu Toshiyuki
One of the highest ranked students of Funakoshi and Karatedô pionier in Toyama prefecture.
Release this year!

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Released in 2010:
Heiko Bittmann:
Erwin von Baelz and physical education and traditional martial arts
in Meiji-Period Japan

in German and Japanese Language

This book deals with German doctor Erwin von Baelz and his influence on Japanese physhical eduction and traditional martial arts

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Sold out:
The book "Karatedô: Der Weg der Leeren Hand" is sold out
Thank you for your support!
Please check: "Die Lehre des Karatedô" or the English version!

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New release:
Erwin von Baelz and physical education and traditional martial arts in Meiji-Period Japan
by Heiko Bittmann

Coming in Spring 2010

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Released in 2006:
Heiko Bittmann, Andreas Niehaus:
Schwert und Samurai (Sword and Samurai)
German Language

Besides an introduction to the history of the Japanese sword and the samurai, this book includes three texts about Japanese swordsmanship in translation.

Miyamoto Musashi: "Heihô sanjûgokajô" (1641). Japan’s most famous swordsman gives insights into his school.

Kotôda Toshisada: "Ittôsai Sensei kenpôsho" (1664) out of the Ittôryû tradition, one of the main influences on modern Kendô.

Kokenken Ryokusui: "Geijutsu futaba no hajime" (1787). This is a general introduction for beginners of Japanese swordsmanship.

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English Version
Heiko Bittmann: The Teachings of Karatedô

It’s done! The English short version of the doctoral thesis on Karatedô (1998) is published!
This book is a thorough study of the history, development and teachings of Karatedo. It includes new, and in some cases, the only translations into English of key texts with explanations, together with biographies of key figures in the development of Karatedo. Included are comprehensive notes, an extensive bibliography and a glossary.

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