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Geschichte und Lehre des Karatedō

Heiko Bittmann:
Geschichte und Lehre des Karatedō

Heiko Bittmann Publishing 2017
(Verlag Heiko Bittmann)

€ 23,50

in German language
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264 Pages / DIN A5 / Paperback / 48 Illustrations /
ISBN 3-9807316-5-0

2nd revised and extended edition of "Die Lehre des Karatedō"

with a new chapter about the history of Karatedō

Book review:

I just received the latest copy of “Geschichte und Lehre des Karatedo”.
   Researched and written by my dear German friend, Heiko Bittmann, a well known researcher, academic, karate-ka, swordsman and author. Heiko sensei has resided in Japan for many-many years and become quite an accomplished Budoka. During 2015-2016 he took a six-month sabbatical in Okinawa, where he furthered his research into the history of Karate. The study resulted in adding a brand new chapter to his 2005 book, “The Teachings of Karatedo,” and publishing a revised and extended edition, entitled, “Geschichte und Lehre des Karatedo" [“The History and Teachings of Karatedo”] now available in German.
   I found the English edition outstanding and, although I might need to brush up on my German a tad, from what I read the revised and extended edition is even more informative.
   Highly recommended to any and all German-speaking IRKRS/KU members and supporters as a book you simply MUST have on your bookshelf if you are serious about the history and inner-workings of our art.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch Heiko San und viel Glück!

Patrick McCarthy Hanshi (FB, 20.04.2018)


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